Global Commands

𝍖 *Record/Record Toggle
⌘.Discard Recording and Return to Last Play Position
⇧RCapture as Recording
𝍖 ⌅Play
𝍖 .Pause
𝍖 0Stop
˽Play or Stop
𝍖 .Forward
⇧,Fast Rewind
⇧.Fast Forward
⌃.Forward by Transient
⌃,Rewind by Transient
⇧⌅Play from Left Window Edge
𝍖 /Go to Position
⌃⌥⌘ISet Punch In Locator by Playhead
⌃⌥⇧⌘ISet Punch In Locator by Rounded Playhead
⌃⌥⌘OSet Punch Out Locator by Playhead
⌃⌥⇧⌘OSet Punch Out Locator Point by Rounded Playhead
⌘USet Locators by Regions/Events/Marquee
USet Rounded Locators by Regions/Events
𝍖 =Swap Left and Right Locators
⇧⌘.Move Locators Forward by Cycle Length
⇧⌘,Move Locators Backwards by Cycle Length
⇧˽Play from Selection
⌃↖Go to Selection Start
⌃↘Go to Selection End
⌥↩Go to End of Last Region
Go to Beginning
⌥'Create Marker
⌃⌥'Create Marker without rounding
⌥⇧'Create Marker for Selected Regions
⌥⌫Delete Marker
⌃⌥CSet Locators by Marker and Enable Cycle
⌃⌥,Set Locators by Previous Marker and Enable Cycle
⌃⌥.Set Locators by Next Marker and Enable Cycle
⌥,Go to Previous Marker And Set Locators
⌥.Go to Next Marker And Set Locators
⌥/Go to Marker Number
⇧'Rename Marker
𝍖 1Go to Marker Number 1
𝍖 2Go to Marker Number 2
𝍖 3Go to Marker Number 3
𝍖 4Go to Marker Number 4
𝍖 5Go to Marker Number 5
𝍖 6Go to Marker Number 6
𝍖 7Go to Marker Number 7
𝍖 8Go to Marker Number 8
𝍖 9Go to Marker Number 9
𝍖 ⌃0Go to Marker Number 10
𝍖 ⌃1Go to Marker Number 11
𝍖 ⌃2Go to Marker Number 12
𝍖 ⌃3Go to Marker Number 13
𝍖 ⌃4Go to Marker Number 14
𝍖 ⌃5Go to Marker Number 15
𝍖 ⌃6Go to Marker Number 16
𝍖 ⌃7Go to Marker Number 17
𝍖 ⌃8Go to Marker Number 18
𝍖 ⌃9Go to Marker Number 19
CCycle Mode
⌃⌥⌘PAutopunch Mode
𝍖 /Replace
⌃SSolo Mode
⌥SSet Solo Lock Mode
⌥⇧SReselect Solo-Locked Regions
⌃⌥⌘SSolo off for all
⌃⌥⌘MMute off for all
KMIDI/Monitor Metronome Click
𝍖 1Recall Screenset 1
𝍖 2Recall Screenset 2
𝍖 3Recall Screenset 3
𝍖 4Recall Screenset 4
𝍖 5Recall Screenset 5
𝍖 6Recall Screenset 6
𝍖 7Recall Screenset 7
𝍖 8Recall Screenset 8
𝍖 9Recall Screenset 9
𝍖 ⌃1Recall Screenset 1x
𝍖 ⌃2Recall Screenset 2x
𝍖 ⌃3Recall Screenset 3x
𝍖 ⌃4Recall Screenset 4x
𝍖 ⌃5Recall Screenset 5x
𝍖 ⌃6Recall Screenset 6x
𝍖 ⌃7Recall Screenset 7x
𝍖 ⌃8Recall Screenset 8x
𝍖 ⌃9Recall Screenset 9x
⌥RRegion Inspector Float
⌘,Open Preferences
⌥AOpen Automation Preferences
⌘7Open Event List
⌘1Open Main Window
⌘2Open Mixer
⌘3Open Smart Controls
⌘5Open Score Editor
⌘9Open Transform
⌘4Open Piano Roll
⌘0Open Environment
⌘8Open Project Audio
⌃⌥↩Note Repeat
⌃⌥⌫Spot Erase
⌘6Open Audio File Editor
⌘KShow/Hide Musical Typing
⌥EShow/Hide Event Float
XShow/Hide Mixer
BShow/Hide Smart Controls
NShow/Hide Score Editor
⌃⌥⇧SShow/Hide Staff Style Window
⌃⌥⇧IShow/Hide Score Sets Window
PShow/Hide Piano Roll
⌥⌘KShow/Hide Step Input Keyboard
OShow/Hide Loop Browser
YShow/Hide Library
WShow/Hide Audio File Editor
⌥⌘TAdjust Tempo using Beat Detection
⌘/Show Detailed Help
⇧WOpen in External Sample Editor
⌥⇧TOpen Tempo List
⌥KOpen Key Commands
⌥CShow/Hide Colors
⌃⌘FEnter/Exit Full Screen
⌥⌘OOpen Movie
⌃⌘OToggle Current Track Automation Off/Read
⌃⌘AToggle Current Track Automation Latch/Read
⌃⇧⌘OSet All Tracks to Automation Off
⌃⇧⌘RSet All Tracks to Automation Read
⌃⇧⌘TSet All Tracks to Automation Touch
⌃⇧⌘LSet All Tracks to Automation Latch
⌃⌘ETrack Automation Event List
⌃⌥⌘AToggle Automation Quick Access
⇧GToggle Group Clutch
⌥⇧GOpen Group Settings
⌘WClose Window
⌘`Cycle Through Windows
Select Previous Track
Select Next Track
⇧⌘NNew Empty Project
⌘NNew from Template
⌥PProject Settings
⌥⌘WClose Project
⇧⌘SSave Project as
⌥⌘EExport Selection as MIDI File
⌘EExport Track as Audio File
⇧⌘EExport All Tracks as Audio File
⌘MMinimize Window
⌃⌘MZoom Window
⇧⌘IImport Audio File
⇧]Next Channel Strip Setting of focused Track
⇧[Previous Channel Strip Setting of focused Track
⌥⌘CCopy Channel Strip Setting
⌥⌘VPaste Channel Strip Setting
]Next Patch, Plug-in Setting or EXS Instrument
[Previous Patch, Plug-in Setting or EXS Instrument
MToggle Channel Strip Mute
SToggle Channel Strip Solo
⌃IToggle Channel Strip Input Monitoring
⌃⇧SToggle Channel Strip Format (mono/stereo)
VShow/Hide All Plug-in Windows

Global Control Surfaces Commands

⌥⇧KOpen Controller Assignments
⌘LLearn new Controller Assignment

Various Windows

⌥⌘ZUndo History
⌘ASelect All
TShow Tool Menu
⌥⇟Set Next Tool
⌥⇞Set Previous Tool
GShow/Hide Global Tracks
⌥GConfigure Global Tracks
⇧⌘AShow/Hide Arrangement Track
⇧⌘KShow/Hide Marker Track
⇧⌘OShow/Hide Movie Track
⇧⌘XShow/Hide Transposition Track
⇧⌘TShow/Hide Tempo Track
⇧⌘BShow/Hide Beat Mapping Track
⌘←Zoom Horizontal Out
⌘→Zoom Horizontal In
⌘↑Zoom Vertical Out
⌘↓Zoom Vertical In
⌃⌥⌘1Recall Zoom 1
⌃⌥⌘2Recall Zoom 2
⌃⌥⌘3Recall Zoom 3
⌃⌥⇧⌘1Save as Zoom 1
⌃⌥⇧⌘2Save as Zoom 2
⌃⌥⇧⌘3Save as Zoom 3
⌃⇧ZZoom to fit Locators, store Navigation Snapshot
ZToggle Zoom to fit Selection or All Contents
⇧ZStore Navigation Snapshot
⌥ZNavigation: Back
⌥⇧ZNavigation: Forward
Page Up
Page Down
Page Left
Page Right
⌃`Scroll in Play
IShow/Hide Inspector
`Catch Playhead Position
⌥OMIDI Out Toggle
⌥IMIDI In Toggle
⌃MMute Notes/Regions/Folders On/Off
⇧⌘YMIDI Draw: Disable
⌘YMIDI Draw: Autodefine
⌥YMIDI Draw: Other
𝍖 =Increase Last Clicked Parameter by 1
𝍖 -Decrease Last Clicked Parameter by 1
𝍖 ⇧=Increase Last Clicked Parameter by 10
𝍖 ⇧-Decrease Last Clicked Parameter by 10

Windows showing audio files

⇧⌘RShow File(s) in Finder
𝍖 ⌃0Snap Edits to Zero Crossings
⌘;Add to Tracks
⌃˽Play/Stop Selection
⌃CCycle Audition

Main Window Tracks and Various Editors

⌥⌘NNew Tracks
⌥⌘ANew Audio Track
⌥⌘SNew Software Instrument Track
⌥⌘XNew External MIDI Track
⌘DNew Track with Duplicate Settings
⌃↩New Track with Next Channel / MIDI Channel
⌃⇧↩New Track with Same Channel Strip/Instrument
⌘⌫Delete Track
⇧⌘⌫Delete unused Tracks
⌥⇧DDeselect All
⇧IInvert Selection
⇧FSelect All Following
⌃⇧FSelect All Following of Same Track/Pitch
⇧LSelect All Inside Locators
⇧OSelect Overlapped Regions/Events
⇧ESelect Equal Regions/Events
⇧SSelect Similar Regions/Events
⇧PSelect Same Subpositions
⇧MSelect Muted Regions/Events
⇧CSelect Equal Colored Regions/Events
⇧↖Select First, or Shift Marquee Selection Left
⇧↘Select Last, or Shift Marquee Selection Right
Select Previous Region/Event or Move Marquee End (or Marquee Point) to Previous Transient
Select Next Region/Event or Move Marquee End (or Marquee Point) to Next Transient
⇧←Toggle Previous Region/Event or Move Marquee Start (or Extend Marquee Selection) to Previous Transient
⇧→Toggle Next Region/Event or Move Marquee Start (or Extend Marquee Selection) to Next Transient
⇧`Scroll to Selection
LLoop Regions/Folders On/Off
⌃FFlex/Follow Tempo On/Off
QQuantize Selected Events
⌥⌘QUndo Quantization
⌥DDelete Duplicated Events
⇧⌘VPaste Replace
⌘RRepeat Regions/Events
⌘JJoin Regions/Notes
⌃⌘TSplit Regions/Events at Locators or Marquee Selection
⌘TSplit Regions/Events at Playhead Position
;Move Region/Event to Playhead Position (Pickup Clock)
⇧;Move Region/Event to Playhead Position and Select Next Region/Event (Pickup Clock+)
⌘[Set Region/Event/Marquee Start to Playhead Position
⌘]Set Region/Event/Marquee End to Playhead Position
⌥→Nudge Region/Event Position Right by Nudge Value
⌥←Nudge Region/Event Position Left by Nudge Value
⌥⇧→Nudge Region/Event Length Right by Nudge Value
⌥⇧←Nudge Region/Event Length Left by Nudge Value
⌃⌥TSet Nudge Value to Tick
⌃⌥DSet Nudge Value to Division
⌃⌥BSet Nudge Value to Beat
⌃⌥MSet Nudge Value to Bar
⌃⌥FSet Nudge Value to SMPTE Frame
⌃⌥HSet Nudge Value to 0.5 SMPTE Frame
⌃⌥SSet Nudge Value to Sample
⌃⌥1Set Nudge Value to 1 ms
⌃⌥0Set Nudge Value to 10 ms
⌃⌥⌘RSecondary Ruler
⌃⌘→Open Track Stack
⌃⌘←Close Track Stack
⌘GSnap to Grid On/Off
⌥[Shuffle Left
⌥]Shuffle Right

Various Editors

⇧HSelect Same Channels
⇧DSelect Same Articulation IDs
\Trim Note to Remove Overlaps for Adjacent
⇧\Trim Note End to Following Notes (Force Legato)
⇧↑Select Highest Notes
⇧↓Select Lowest Notes
⌥↑Transpose Event +1 Semitone
⌥↓Transpose Event -1 Semitone
⌥⇧↑Transpose Event +12 Semitones
⌥⇧↓Transpose Event -12 Semitones
⌃⌥RShow Event Position and Length as Time or Bars/Beats

Main Window Tracks

⇧↑Extend Track Selection Up
⇧↓Extend Track Selection Down
Select Previous Region on Selected Track
Select Next Region on Selected Track
⌃⇧⌘1Create 1 Automation Point at Region Borders
⌃⇧⌘2Create 2 Automation Points at Region Borders
⌃⌘1Create 1 Automation Point at Every Region Border
⌃⌘2Create 2 Automation Points at Every Region Border
⌃⌫Delete Redundant Automation Points
⌃⌘⌫Delete Visible Automation on Selected Track
⌃⇧⌘⌫Delete All Automation on Selected Track
⌃⇧⌫Delete Orphaned Automation on Selected Track
⌃⌘↑Move Visible Region Data to Track Automation
⌃⌘↓Move Visible Track Automation to Region
⌃⇧⌘↑Move All Region Data to Track Automation
⌃⇧⌘↓Move All Track Automation to Region
⌃⌥⌘FPack Take Folder
⌃⌘UUnpack Take Folder to Existing Tracks
⌃⇧⌘UUnpack Take Folder to New Tracks
⌥FUn/disclose Take Folder
⌥⇧UFlatten Take Folder
⌥UFlatten and Merge Take Folder
⇧TRename Take or Comp
⌥⇧⌫Delete Take or Comp
⌥QToggle Take Folder Quick Swipe Comping Mode
⇧⌘DCreate Track Stack
⇧⌘FCreate Folder Stack
⇧⌘GCreate Summing Stack
⇧⌘UFlatten Stack
⌃BBounce Regions in Place
⌃⌘BBounce Track in Place
⌃DDrum Replacement/Doubling
HToggle Hide View
⌃HHide Current Track and Select Next Track
⌃⇧HUnhide All Tracks
⌃⇧1Toggle Hide Group 1
⌃⇧2Toggle Hide Group 2
⌃⇧3Toggle Hide Group 3
⌃⇧4Toggle Hide Group 4
⌃⇧5Toggle Hide Group 5
⌃⇧6Toggle Hide Group 6
⌃⇧7Toggle Hide Group 7
⌃⇧8Toggle Hide Group 8
⌃⇧9Toggle Hide Group 9
⌥MToggle Track On
⌃RRecord Enable Track
⌃⌥⌘↓Individual Track Zoom In
⌃⌥⌘↑Individual Track Zoom Out
⌃⌥⌘ZToggle Individual Track Zoom
⌃ZToggle Zoom Focused Track
⌃⌥⌘⌫Individual Track Zoom Reset
⌃⌥⇧⌘⌫Individual Track Zoom Reset for All Tracks
⌥XAudio Crossfade Options for Merge
JJoin Regions per Tracks
⌃⌘XSnip: Cut Section Between Locators (Global)
⌃⌘ZInsert Silence Between Locators (Global)
⌃⌘VSplice: Insert Snipped Section at Playhead (Global)
⌃⌘RRepeat Section Between Locators (Global)
⌥⌘⌫Cut Sections of Selected Arrangement Markers
⇧↩Rename Track
⌃⇧TMove Selected Regions to Selected Track
⌥⇧⌘RMove Region to Recorded Position
⌥⌘RConvert Regions to New Regions
⌥⌘FConvert Regions to New Audio Files
⌃EConvert Regions to New Sampler Track
⌥⌘LTime Stretch Region Length to Locators
⌥⌘BTime Stretch Region Length to Nearest Bar
⌃XStrip Silence
⌃⇧OAdd Region to Loop Library
⌃NNormalize Region Parameters
⌃QApply Quantization Destructively
⌃LConvert Loops to Regions
⌃\Set Optimal Region Sizes Rounded by Bar
\Remove Overlaps
⇧\Trim Region End to Next Region
⌥\Trim Regions to Fill within Locators
⌘\Crop Regions outside Locators or Marquee Selection
AShow/Hide Track Automation
⌘FShow/Hide Flex Pitch/Time
⌃⇧[Trim Region Start to Previous Transient
⌃⇧]Trim Region Start to Next Transient
⌃[Trim Region End to Previous Transient
⌃]Trim Region End to Next Transient
⇧NRename Regions
⌥⇧NName Regions by Track Name
⌥⇧⌘NName Tracks by Region Name
⌥⇧CColor Regions by Track Color
⌥⇧⌘CColor Tracks by Region Color
⌘-Waveform Vertical Zoom Out
⌘=Waveform Vertical Zoom In
⌃⌥⌘TShow/Hide Toolbar
⌥TConfigure Track Header
EShow/Hide Editor
⌥⌘PShow/Hide Note Pad
DShow/Hide List Editors
FShow/Hide Media Area
⇧⌘MShow/Hide Master Track
⌥⌘GAlignment Guides On/Off


⇧XCycle Through Mixer Modes (Single, Arrange, All)
⌥⇧DDeselect All
⇧ASelect Audio Channel Strips
⇧SSelect Instrument Channel Strips
⇧FSelect Auxiliary Channel Strips
⇧OSelect Output Channel Strips
⇧ESelect MIDI Channel Strips
⇧CSelect Equal Colored Channel Strips
⇧MSelect Muted Channel Strips
Select Previous (Left) Channel Strip
Select Next (Right) Channel Strip
⌃NCreate New Auxiliary Channel Strip
⌃TCreate Tracks for Selected Channel Strips

MIDI Environment

⌃⌫Clear Cables only
⌥←Object move left
⌥→Object move right
⌥↑Object move up
⌥↓Object move down
⌥⇧←Object Width -1 Pixel
⌥⇧→Object Width +1 Pixel
⌥⇧↑Object Height -1 Pixel
⌥⇧↓Object Height +1 Pixel
⌃CShow/Hide Cables
⌃PProtect Cabling/Positions
⇧IInvert Selection
⇧USelect Unused Instruments
⇧→Select Cable Destination
⇧←Select Cable Origin
⌃VSend Selected Fader Values
⌘⌫Delete Layer
⌃SCable serially

Score Editor

⌃PPage View
⌃FExplode Folders
⌃XExplode Polyphony
⌃⇧NShow/Hide Instrument Names
⌃⇧RShow/Hide Page Rulers
⌃/Go to Page
⌥⇧⌘VPaste Multiple
Next Event
Previous Event
Next Staff
Previous Staff
⌃⇧YForce Syncopation
⌃YDefeat Syncopation
⌃⇧IForce Interpretation
⌃IDefeat Interpretation
⌃⌥↑Stems: up
⌃⌥↓Stems: down
⌥⌘↑Stem End: Move Up
⌥⌘↓Stem End: Move Down
⌃⌥⇧↑Ties: up
⌃⌥⇧↓Ties: down
⌃BBeam Selected Notes
⌃UUnbeam Selected Notes
⌃DDefault Beams
⇧3Enharmonic Shift: #
⇧BEnharmonic Shift: b
⌃⇧⌫Reset Note Attributes
⌃⇧CAssign MIDI Channels based on Score Split
⌃⌥⌘↑Nudge Position Up
⌃⌥⌘↓Nudge Position Down
⌃⌥⌘←Nudge Position Left
⌃⌥⌘→Nudge Position Right
⌃⌥⇧FSettings: Global Format
⌃⌥⇧NSettings: Numbers and Names
⌃⌥⇧GSettings: Guitar Tablature
⌃⌥⇧CSettings: Chords and Grids
⌃⌥⇧LSettings: Clefs and Signatures
⌃⌥⇧XSettings: Extended Layout
⌃⌥⇧MSettings: MIDI Meaning
⌃⌥⇧OSettings: Score Colors
⌃⇧,Insert: Crescendo
⌃⇧.Insert: Decrescendo
⌃⌥⇧⌫Clear main finger
⌃⌥⇧1Set main finger 1
⌃⌥⇧2Set main finger 2
⌃⌥⇧3Set main finger 3
⌃⌥⇧4Set main finger 4
⌃⌥⇧5Set main finger 5

Event Editor

Select Previous Event
Select Next Event
⌃⇧ALength as Absolute Position
⌃⇧DArticulation ID
⌃⇧RRelative Position
⌘DDuplicate Event and Numerical Edit
⇧VCopy Value to All Following Events

Step Editor

⌥⌘NCreate Lane
⌘⌫Delete Lane
⌃CCopy Lane
⌃VPaste Lane
⌃AToggle Auto Define
Select Next Lane
Select Previous Lane

Project Audio

Select Previous Audio File
Select Next Audio File
⌃FAdd Audio File
⌃RAdd Region
⌘⌫Delete File(s)
⌃OOptimize File(s)
⌃BBackup File(s)
⌃KCopy/Convert File(s)
⇧USelect Unused
⌥↓Show All Regions
⌥↑Hide All Regions
⌃XStrip Silence
⌃IImport Region Information
⌃EExport Region Information
⌃GCreate Group

Audio File Editor

⌃⌥⌘˽Play/Stop All
⌃⌥⇧˽Play/Stop Region
⌃⌥˽Play/Stop Region from Anchor
⌃BCreate Backup
⌃⌥⌘BRevert to Backup
⌥⌘SSave Selection As
Region -> Selection
Selection -> Region
⌃↖Go to Selection Start
⌃↘Go to Selection End
⌃⌥←Go to Region Start
⌃⌥→Go to Region End
⌃⌥↓Go to Region Anchor
⌥←Go to Previous Transient
⌥→Go to Next Transient
⇧←Set Selection Start To Previous Transient
⇧→Set Selection Start To Next Transients
Set Selection End To Previous Transient
Set Selection End To Next Transient
⇧⌘←Selection Start and End to Previous Transient
⇧⌘→Selection Start and End to Next Transient
⌥⌘←Selection Start and End to Previous Transient and Play
⌥⌘→Selection Start and End to Next Transient and Play
⌃TToggle Transient Editing Mode
⌃=Increase Number of Transients
⌃-Decrease Number of Transients
⌃⌥⇧←Select All Previous
⌃⌥⇧→Select All Following
⌃RCreate New Region
⌃GChange Gain
⌃IFade In
⌃OFade Out
⌃DRemove DC Offset
⌃PTime and Pitch Machine
⇧PSearch Peak
⇧SSearch Silence
⌃ALock Position in Track when moving Anchor

EXS24 Instrument Editor

⇧IInvert Selection
⌃FLoad Audio Sample
⌃ZNew Zone
⌃GNew Group
⌥⇧⌘SExport Sampler Instrument and Sample Files
⌥←Shift selected Zone(s)/Group(s) Left
⌥→Shift selected Zone(s)/Group(s) Right
⌥⇧←Shift selected Zone(s)/Group(s) Left (Zones incl. Root Key)
⌥⇧→Shift selected Zone(s)/Group(s) Right (Zones incl. Root Key)
⌥⌘SSave Instrument
⌃OLoad Multiple Samples
⌃WOpen in Audio File Editor

Step Input Keyboard

ANote 'C'
WNote 'C#'
SNote 'D'
ENote 'D#'
DNote 'E'
FNote 'F'
TNote 'F#'
GNote 'G'
YNote 'G#'
HNote 'A'
UNote 'A#'
JNote 'B'
⇧3Next note will be sharp
⇧BNext note will be flat
`Chord Mode
Step Backwards
Step Forward
⇧ZOctave – 2
ZOctave – 1
XOctave + 1
⇧XOctave + 2
11/1 Note
21/2 Note
31/4 Note
41/8 Note
51/16 Note
61/32 Note
71/64 Note
81/128 Note
9Next three notes are triplets
0Next two notes are a dotted group
CVelocity 16 (ppp)
VVelocity 32 (pp)
BVelocity 48 (p)
NVelocity 64 (mp)
MVelocity 80 (mf)
,Velocity 96 (f)
.Velocity 112 (ff)
/Velocity 127 (fff)
-Sustain inserted note(s)
QQuantize note starts On/Off